Hello and welcome to Morning Star Christian School. We are thankful that you are considering our school for your children.

Have you seen the news lately? Morning Star was recently highlighted on KTVZ 21 for being one of the 44 schools in the nation who were chosen to participate in a pilot program for Project Lead The Way (PLTW).

Project Lead The Way (PLTW) is the leading provider of rigorous and innovative Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education curricular programs used in elementary, middle, and high schools across the U.S.

STEM education is at the heart of today’s high-tech, high-skill global economy. For America to remain economically competitive, our next generation of leaders — the students of today — must develop the critical-reasoning and problem-solving skills that will help make them the most productive in the world.

STEM education programs like the one offered by PLTW engage students in activities-, projects-, and problem-based (APPB) learning, which provides hands-on classroom experiences. Students create, design, build, discover, collaborate and solve problems while applying what they learn in math and science. They’re also exposed to STEM fields through professionals from local industries who supplement the real-world aspect of the curriculum through mentorships and workplace experiences.

PLTW’s comprehensive curriculum for engineering and biomedical sciences has been collaboratively designed by PLTW teachers, university educators, engineering and biomedical professionals and school administrators to promote critical thinking, creativity, innovation and real-world problem solving skills in students.

The hands-on, project-based engineering courses for high schools and middle schools and biomedical sciences courses for high schools engage students on multiple levels, expose them to areas of study that they typically do not pursue, and provide them with a foundation and proven path to college and career success. The curriculum, delivered through PLTW’s Virtual Academy, is provided free of charge to schools that register with PLTW. Classroom equipment — computer software and kits for hands-on activities — along with teacher training, which is required, are the main costs related to the program.

The PLTW curriculum is founded in the fundamental problem-solving and critical-thinking skills taught in traditional career and technical education (CTE), but at the same time integrates national academic and technical learning standards and STEM principles, creating what U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan calls one of the “great models of the new CTE succeeding all across the country.” PLTW was recently cited by the Harvard Graduate School of Education as a “model for 21st century career and technical education.”

Morning Star has been chosen from more than 4,700 schools in all 50 states and the District of Columbia who are offering courses to their students in the 2012-13 school year. In addition, PLTW trains more than 3,000 teachers, including Liz Beatty from Bend, Oregon to instruct its engaging, rigorous STEM education curriculum.

Morning Star Christian School, (MSCS) was founded out of the desire to provide an academically rigorous school that is distinctly Christian. Here at MSCS we make no separation of head and heart; we believe integrating both of these in the learning process inspires the whole student. It is this unity of heart and mind in Biblical principle that we strive to impart in our students for the purpose of life-long service to God. It is our mission to encourage students to passionately pursue learning with the understanding that it is God’s truth that leads to a fulfilled life. Serving God and engaging the world by reaching out to others with truth and grace is a foundational principle of Morning Star Christian School.

In addition to having a school that is centered in Christ, we are a school that pursues an innovative approach to learning. Each year, we evaluate how our students are learning and what we can do to best serve their educational needs. To reach 21st century learners, we are on the cutting edge of technology, using SMART boards, laptops, e-books and STEM curriculum that keeps students engaged in learning and prepared for college and career.

Most importantly, we believe that it is God’s truth revealed in the Bible, which prepares students for a life of service and learning in His kingdom. The Scriptures provide the basis for the way we live, work, and learn at Morning Star Christian School. “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as though you were working for the Lord…” Colossians 3:23.

Educationally yours,

Joe Bales


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