When parents ask us why they should choose Morning Star as the preferred school for their children there are many things that we as a staff know our families are partial to:

  • Christ focused school
  • Small class sizes, with an average student teacher ratio of 13:1
  • College Preparatory Style of Teaching
  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) learning focused
  •  Large campus for outdoor activities & exploration
  • Fun electives
  • Technology immersion
  • Project Based Learning
  • Community outreach and service

While all of this is true and unique to us, we wanted to get a parent’s perspective so we asked one of our parents to tell us why her 3 children have attended Morning Star for the past 5 years. Here is what she had to say…

Our family moved to Bend about 5 years ago and had heard the schools were excellent and because there were so many kid- and family-focused events that took place year round, we were anxious to get started with our transition.

Our eldest child was going to be a sixth grader at the time and my husband and I began to experience the ‘normal’ fear that I believe most of us go through as our child grows up and is moving into a new adventure. On top of this there were additional concerns as my husband and I began to recall our own personal experiences in middle school which were filled with self-doubting, bullying, and a LOT of peer pressure. We began to pray about other options and while my husband researched alternatives we found Morning Star.

There are plenty positives that I can list about the academics, but to save time here are the top ones for my family: foreign language options beginning in early elementary, music theory and instrument training, Bible stories and scripture learning, a strong focus on reading and writing skills and most recently the addition of the STEM program. My kids would tell you their favorite parts are the AMAZING electives which include skiing each winter and the volunteer projects they do in the community.

While all of that is good, and for the children fun, I personally feel that some of the best parts have been the individual attention the kids get from the teachers and the relationships they have built with the other students. Our children do not have to fear bullying or ridicule and they’ve been able to grow in a safe environment which also provides a buffer from the outside world. This doesn’t mean that they don’t learn about current events, prejudices, or trials that we all face, but it does mean is that they are not having to learn about sex or drugs in a crude fashion with their friends on the bus, while being subjected to the pressure to participate in such activities without the strong foundation of knowing how to stand up for what they believe in. They also aren’t worried about having someone come up behind them for a ‘binder check’ while their items going flying down the hall as others laugh. Some people have told me, “They will have to face the real world eventually so send them on out there” and while part of that statement is true, I know for a FACT that the extra time my son had to mature during those difficult tween- early teen years in a safe environment has not made him naïve to what goes on with his peers but rather wiser and more mature in how to stand up for himself and what he believes in.

Our other 2 children attended public school for our first year in Bend because let’s face it, private school can be spendy, but after we saw how well the eldest was adjusting and my middle child was getting lost in his large class size despite having a great teacher, we decided to speak with the school about moving all the children over during our second year. The administration was able to work with us on financial aid to offset the additional cost of having three kids in private school. The one thing that they made clear to us is that they never wanted finances to stand in the way of our children being able to attend Morning Star.

We truly are thankful that God provided this opportunity for our family, and as I am complimented on my children’s kind hearts, good manners and thoughtfulness I believe our choice in schools has helped shape these traits in my children. Not to mention they have AWESOME parents 😉

I hope our story will help you pray about what is right for your family, and that you will stop by the school to tour, talk with the teachers and administration, and even have your child visit for a day. I promise, you will not regret it!!!


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