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Transitional Kindergarten:

Splash into Pre-K presents daily Conscious Discipline® strategies that help promote positive behaviors and actions for a positive school climate. The work of Dr. Becky Bailey around Conscious Discipline is integrated into every day of instruction at the beginning and end of each day for strong social emotional development. Every aspect of this curriculum was intentionally designed and developed ensuring seamless teaching and learning and Kindergarten readiness. From instructional Big and Small Books that were written specifically to support Splash into Pre-K to the Interactive Pre-K Software—it’s all intentional. Children have an opportunity to collaborate with interactive software, move and sing with music, and listen to stories being read aloud. Splash into Pre-K is a fun child centered program where play is a part of every day of instruction. Intentional instruction through fun, playful lessons, high-interest activities , and purposeful literature prepares children for learning development and learning success. Childhood is a period of incubation. There is much to learn, and the journey as research indicates should be playful and fun.

ST Math®: Transitional Kindergarten is a comprehensive blended learning math program for schools offering a transitional year of instruction before kindergarten. The program addresses transitional kindergarteners’ unique developmental needs while preparing their minds for the math instruction they’ll encounter in coming years. Students love engaging with the ST Math software games that present math concepts visually. Students also receive the support they need through step-by-step activities that connect the math instruction across multiple modes of learning.

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