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If there is someone specific that you would like to speak with please feel free to email at their addresses below.

General Staff

Administrator: Joe Bales-

Compliance: Erica Endicott

Bookkeeper: Sandra Santaguida-

Office Manager: Jessie West-

Administrative Assistant: Addie Kerr-

Hot Lunch: Jill Crotwell-

Librarian: Carol Schmidt-


Early Childhood Education

Infants 6 weeks to 12 months- Tina Buted

Toddlers 12-18 months- Bethany Carter

Jr. Preschool 1 (18-30 months)- Shayna Bluebaugh

Jr. Preschool 2 (20-36 months)- Amanda Martin

P3: Adrienne Norgaard-

K4: Samantha Chain-


Elementary Teachers

Kinder: Carlyn Welch-

1st: Linda Keeley-

2nd: Joni Crain-

3rd: Katie Elder-

4th: Mandy Reynvaan-

Reading Specialist- Stacie Roats


Middleschool Teachers

5th: Kim Evans-

Math: Jennine Schmidt-

Humanities: Candace Pecaut-

Science: Lori Markell-

PE: Becky Kliewer-

Music: Carol Schmidt

Foreign Language: Mike Keeley- & Kate Tillery



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