The success of our school and the future of our students are both greatly improved with the full support  of their families. With this in mind we ask that each family keep in mind the commitments that we require.


Our school runs best in cooperation with our amazing students’ families.

Each school year, each family with children enrolled in Morning Star’s preschool through 8th grade is required to support Morning Star by either volunteering 20 hours of time at the school aiding in the fundraising and classroom needs of our school or by paying a School Support Fee of $400.  This volunteer work can be fulfilled by parents, grandparents or another adult family member. All volunteers who are working on campus or with students are first required to have an approved background check on file.  Morning Star reserves the right to match volunteers with areas of need that best fulfill the vision of the Morning Star Christian School environment.

Through the school year, emails will be sent with opportunities to sign up for various needs such as help with hot lunch, fundraisers, activities, events, etc.  There are also opportunities to help in the classrooms.  Whenever an adult family member does volunteer help, we ask that they record their hours in the “Family Volunteer” notebook as this is how the administration will total the volunteer hours for each family.


MSCS provides $5,000 supplemental accident insurance for each student enrolled. This coverage is intended to be excess coverage and pay only after other available coverage, like health insurance, pays. In the event of a student injury, during regular school activity, the staff will seek medical care as soon as possible. Medical release forms must be on file for all students.

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